The Cure World Medical Tourism (CWMT) is specially designed to serve for Bangladesh, Mianmar and other South East Asian Countries that are still in developing stage in the field medical science. This CWMT is a service oriented Organisation situated in Ahmedabad, Gujarat and it’s been managed by philanthropists having high value on humanity. The motto of CWMT is serve to people who do not have good medical facilities, as in India.

The Cure World Medical Tourism, connect you with the top specialist doctors in the respective field that suits the patient’s requirement. CWMT takes complete care of patients, right from connecting the best doctor, treatment plan, travel & accommodation, to Post Treatment Care.


Beyond language and cultural barriers, we aim at offering a comprehensive service unique in India; we have developed a serious and reliable customer service, backed by a team with experience in the sector who are on call for 24h/7days, making our guests feel as comfortable and supported as possible whenever required in India.

Our mission is to serve all, who are not having access for affordable best medical treatment. We are here to help & serve such patients in an empathetic way at all stages like pre, post & during treatment.

Why choose Us?

We respond promptly for end to end solution to offer you & your family comfort & ease for treatment from specialist doctors. We assure for personalized treatment by sharing your enquiry with doctors and hospitals to get you a personalized quality treatment plan.

“Do not let yourself or your loved ones to be victims of misdiagnosis”; you can take Second Opinion too on your diagnosis or treatment plan. …………Why Wait? Contact us.


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